Shay Ishii Dance Company

The Rollins Studio Theatre at The Long Center, Austin Texas, 2015

Lighting Designer: Megan Slayter

Assistant Lighting Designer: Evan P. Carlson

Featured Works: 

Loïe Fuller: Night, Fire Dance, Lily of the Nile, La Mer
Isadora Duncan: Bacchanal, Furies, Chopin Suite
Erick Hawkins: Greek Dreams with Flute

    And new works by Meg Brooker, Katherine Duke and Shay Ishii.

Collaborating Artists include:

Meg Brooker (Artistic Director of Thel Dance Theatre), Jessica Lindberg Coxe (Lindberg Slayter Reconstructions), Katherine Duke,  (Artistic Director of Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation), Megan Slayter (Lighting Designer and  Lindberg Slayter Reconstructions)

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   Evan P. Carlson

Lighting Designer


Cincinnati, Ohio

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