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"Beyond The Armor"



Western Michigan University, April 2015
Lighting Design: Evan P. Carlson
Scenic Design/Producer: Caitlin Eby
Costume Design: Samantha Corbeille
Choregrapher: Bree McCormack
About The Piece:

"Beyond The Armor" Is An Exploration of Self-Worth In An Original Dance Piece.

We're constantly told that we're not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough. If we're not enough, we're too much: too thin, too girly, too sexual, too tall, too pale. We are held to an ideal version created by the media, by each other, and by ourselves; so much so that we develop armor to protect and disguise who we really are. 

“Beyond the Armor” explores the internal and external struggles that result from the ideal standards that women are held to and what may happen when we remove our defenses.

Collaborators include:
Caitlin Eby, Bree McCormack, Evan Carlson, Samantha Corbeille, Erzsi Bernath, Brenna Bradly, Izzabella Irwin, and Samantha Solti

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