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Reimagining of Loïe Fuller’s

Lily of the Nile

Western Michigan University, 2014

Lighting Designer/Conceptual Design: Evan P. Carlson and Raeann Burkey

Projections Design: Kevin Abbott

Dance Reconstruction: Linberg Slayter Reconsructions

About The Piece

About Loïe Fuller’s “Lily of The Nile”: Loïe Fuller was a late 19th and early 20th Century Modern Dance Choreographer who proposed a performative space of experimentation where abstraction, beauty and technology were created. Loïe Fuller’s fascination with technology lead her to being one of the first theatre artist to surround the stage in all black curtains, to use electric lighting interments in performance, and to color the light coming from the source. Many of Fuller’s pieces used large pieces of white silk and rods to manipulate the fabric and the fabric became the dancer in the light.

In the Reimagination of “Lily Of The Nile” the design concept was; “How would Fuller have integrated today’s technology into the choreography, and, with a piece like Lily where the choreography has no set narrative, how can we transform this blank canvas into a story?” 

Video Credit: Mark Eerovich Niskanen
"Lily of the Nile"
"Lily of the Nile"
"Lily of the Nile"
"Lily of the Nile"
"Lily of the Nile"
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